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Indolence Of The Filipinos Essay

Summary of Dr. Jose Rizal’s the indolence of the Filipinos? Essay Sample

Summary: Rizal admits that laziness does be among the Filipinos. but it can non be attributed to the problems and retardation of the state ; instead it is the consequence of the retardation and problems experienced by the state. Past Hagiographas on laziness revolve merely on either denying or confirming. and ne’er analyzing its causes in deepness. One must analyze the causes of laziness. Rizal says. before bring arounding it. He hence enumerates the causes of laziness and elaborates on the fortunes that have led to it. The hot clime. he points out. is a sensible sensitivity for laziness. Filipinos can non be compared to Europeans. who live in cold states and who must exercise much more attempt at work. An hr ‘ s work under the Philippine Sun. he says. is tantamount to a twenty-four hours ‘ s work in temperate parts.


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Summary: Rizal says that an unwellness will decline if the incorrect intervention is given. The same applies to indolence. Peoples. nevertheless. should non lose hope in contending laziness. Even before the Spaniards arrived. Rizal argues. the early Filipinos were already transporting out trade within states and with other adjacent states ; they were besides engaged in agribusiness and excavation ; some indigens even spoke Spanish. All this disproves the impression that Filipinos are by nature indolent. Rizal ends by inquiring what so would hold caused Filipinos to bury their yesteryear.


Summary: Rizal enumerates several grounds that may hold caused the Filipinos ‘ cultural and economic degeneracy. The frequent wars. rebellions. and invasions have brought upset to the communities. Chaos has been widespread. and devastation rampant. Many Filipinos have besides been sent abroad to contend wars for Spain or for expeditions. As a consequence. the population has decreased in figure. As forced labour. many work forces have been sent to shipyards to build vass. Meanwhile. indigens who have had sufficiency of maltreatment have gone to the mountains. As a consequence. the farms have been neglected. The alleged laziness of Filipinos decidedly has profoundly rooted causes.

Chapter 4: Death OF Trade IN THE PHILIPPINES

Summary: Filipinos. harmonizing to Rizal. are non responsible for their bad lucks. as they are non their ain Masterss. The Spanish authorities has non encouraged labour and trade. which ceased after the authorities treated the state ‘ s neighbouring trade spouses with great intuition. Trade has declined. moreover. because of plagiarist onslaughts and the many limitations imposed by the authorities. which gives no assistance for harvests and husbandmans. This and the maltreatment suffered under encomenderos have caused many to abandon the Fieldss. Businesss are monopolized by many authorities functionaries. ruddy tape and graft operate on a broad graduated table. rampant gaming is tolerated by the authorities. This state of affairs is compounded by the Church ‘ s incorrect philosophy which holds that the rich will non travel to heaven. therefore breeding a incorrect attitude toward work. There has besides been favoritism in instruction against indigens. These are some of the chief grounds that Rizal cites as doing the impairment of values among the Filipinos.

Chapter 5: Limited Training AND Education

Summary: Harmonizing to Rizal. all the causes of laziness can be reduced to two factors. The first factor is the limited preparation and instruction Filipino natives receive. Segregated from Spaniards. Filipinos do non have the same chances that are available to the aliens. They are taught to be inferior. The 2nd factor is the deficiency of a national sentiment of integrity among them. Because Filipinos think they are inferior. they submit to the foreign civilization and make everything to copy it. The solution. harmonizing to Rizal. would be instruction and autonomy.


The Indolence of the FilipinosBy Jose Rizal


? Published in 5 instalments, from July 15


September 15, 1890, in Madrid, Spain (LaSolidaridad).


? To explain the alleged “laziness” of the Filipinos during the Spanish colonization




To serve the country by telling the truth.-

To show how we were discriminated.-

To illustrate how we inherited some of our negative traits from the Spaniards.-

To let us know how we could rise from oppression.-

To show us that we have been deceived-

To remind us what we were, are, and could be.

Before the Spaniards came

, we were active and honest in trading, use our abilities and

resources for our country’s benefits, never corrupt, industrious and passionate, independent,

value nature, and protective and defensive of our territory.

When the Spaniards came

, we became gamblers, dependent, powerless, corrupt, amnesiacs,

disloyal to our “identity”, and indolent.

Being discontent, having continual wars and tolerance, due to slavery, getting deceits from theSpaniards, allowing pirates from the south (Mindanao Muslim pirates), and lacking unity, theFilipinos became indolent.

Two main reasons why the Filipinos are indolent:

Defects of training

Limited training at home, school

Inactivity results from this

One will move to being a copycat (suited to nature)

Do what is told to us (e.g., giving gold to church, etc.)

Lack of national sentiment

“A man in the Philippines is only an individual; he is not a

member of a nation. He is forbidden the right to association,

and is; therefore, weak and sluggish.”

The summary of the essay:He defends the Filipinos by saying that they are not indolent by nature because in fact,even before the arrival of Spaniards, Filipinos have been engaged in economic activities such asagriculture and trade.Indolence therefore has more deeply rooted causes such as abuse anddiscrimination, inaction of the government, rampant corruption and red tape, wrong doctrinesof the church and wrong examples from some Spaniards who lead lives of indolence whichultimately led to the deterioration of Filipino values. In the end,Rizal sums up the main causesof indolence to the limited training and education Filipino natives receive and to the lack of national sentiment and unity among them.Education and liberty, according to Rizal, would bethe cure to Filipino indolence.Notes:-

You adapt to the climate; the climate does not adapt to you.-