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English 122 Composition Final Research Paper Draft Example

POLICE BODY-CAMERAS2Police Body-CamerasDue to the rise in police brutality cases across the nation, lawmakers and law-enforcement officials should require all on duty officers to start wearing body-cameras during their shift. It almost seems like every news channel is broadcasting incidents of police brutality on a daily basis. Many lawmakers and citizens believe that a stance needs to be made, and many feel that by requiring all on-duty officers to wear body-cameras during their shift the number of these incidents will decrease drastically. Some cities have made the decision to start using these cameras with the hope that this will start to gain back the trust that was lost due to the actions of a few. There have been numerous incidents of police brutality publicized recently. It almost seems like every time you turn on the news, or browse through your social media account you come across a new video of a civilian being shot by a law enforcement official. These incidents have mostly been caught on camera by onlookers, convenient store surveillance cameras or a dashboard camera from a nearby police cruiser. One recent incident that took place was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where 37-year-old Alton Sterling was according to Chan (2016), “shot dead while police pinned him down outside a convenience store.” The incident was recorded by onlookers and the stores security cameras, and sparked outrage amongst members of the community. In this incident two officers were involved, these officers were put on administrative leave pending investigation. Another incident occurred in 2012 where Marcus Jeter, a New Jersey resident was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on an officer and resisting arrest. However, the incident was caught on a dash board camera that was present in the officer’s vehicle which showed that the officers were using excessive force. Jeter’s attorneys discovered nearly a year later that this footage was left out of the initial police report. This video clearly


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