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Being A Cna Essay

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A Chance to Understand:
A Career as a Nursing Assistant
Have you ever asked the question who takes care of my grandparents or parents while they’re in a nursing home or hospital? Do you have an interest in making someone’s life easier by helping them with simple life tasks? If you have ever been interested in helping someone, then becoming a nursing assistant is the right job for you. The definition of a nursing assistant is “A person who has completed a brief health care training program and who provides support services for RNs and LPNs. Also known as an orderly or, when certified by a state agency, a certified nurse aide (CNA).” In this essay I will explain what the definition of a nursing assistant is to me. I will also include the…show more content…

They may work morning shifts, night shifts or noc shifts. If an assistant works morning shifts they usually get their resident/patients dressed, and give them personal hygiene care. They also assist them to breakfast and lunch and help feed them. If an assistant works afternoon shifts they usually assist their residents to daily activities such as bingo or sing along sessions. They also get them ready for supper and bed time. Lastly, if an assistant works the noc shift (3rd shift) then they makes rounds to reposition the residents while they are sleeping and also give them water or assist them to the restroom. No matter what shift an assistant is on they will all have to help their residents use the restroom. If a resident is incontinent then the assistants will have to change their depends throughout the day. An assistant also charts at the end of their shifts. Assistants have to chart the following: bowel movements, urine output, and ambulation, how much resident ate, if resident was continent or incontinent, and also if the resident reported any pain. Although this seems like a lot already, this is only part of what an assistant does. Assistants have a very large responsibility in health care and should be noticed more often for all the work they do. Secondly, nursing assistants are the nurse’s eyes and ears. Nursing assistants are the ones that are hands on with the residents. So when they are caring for a resident they need to take note of

Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

Certified Nursing Assistant
A Certified nursing assistant is one of the members of the health care team. It is also known as a CNA or Nursing Aide. They refer to the ones they care for as residents or patients. In the medical field, a CNA is the lowest paid, however they are the ones who do all of the work such as physical work. They come in contact with the residents more than anyone else; they are the prime care givers. They are always under the supervision of licensed practical, licensed vocational and registered nurses, known as LPN/LVN or RN. The residents/patients that they deal with need long term care, like nursing homes and caring for them at their home. Since they are long term, staying with a faculty up to several months and even years, many CNA’s create a bond and close relationship with them. The main thing they do for them is produce basic care for them or known to them as activates of daily living or ADL. Great paying CNA jobs are very easy to find, even though it requires little training and a variety of skills.
There are a lot of opportunities with CNA jobs, making them high in demand. Many businesses are in need of more Certified Nursing Assistants. There are about 1,534,400 jobs and the rate is expected to grow at 21% by the time it is 2022, that is so much faster than the regular for all jobs. A CNA will always be needed and the demand will increase for patient care. A Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the best paying in the health care field. It ranks the head of all positions. A lot of nursing homes depend on government financing, which gives a high demand for this position. Medicare and Medicaid taking from the program can affect a person in paying the nursing home.
Currently the median salary in the United States is $24,400. The salary can vary depending on a lot of different things. Experience is one, it usually increases after five years, and the reason for this is that they are legally restricted from doing certain tasks. CNA’s would be more attractive to an employer if they had any additional certifications, resulting in higher pay. Working in nursing homes, hospital, clinics and as a home health aide can differ in thousands of dollars per year. CNA’s that works in a hospital tend to get paid more than the ones working in nursing homes and as a home health aide. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salaries of each are 24,460 for nursing care facilities, general hospitals $27,290, $23,530 for community senior centers, and $23,710 for home health care. Where you live and work can have a great impact on how much you get paid. Workings in the west, northeast and in the cities are paid above the national average. Working in the southeast and rural areas they get paid less.
Top States for CAN Pay

The proper attire or uniforms that they wear to protect their clothing and to promote cleanliness are called scrubs. A Certified Nursing Assistant spends an enormous...

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