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Gun Control Persuasive Essay Thesis Ideas

Despite one’s location, there is always a debate concerning guns and if they should be controlled or not. There use in fighting crime or influencing crime is always a topic of discussion. Most governments have clearly not found the perfect way of controlling guns. Should citizens be allowed to have guns for their protection purposes or will they end up using the guns for the wrong reasons? This is a common question. Guns control thesis opens up a variety of potential discussion. When writing a thesis, the thesis statement is very important, it usually helps us to decipher what the writer will be taking about in his/her writing. There are a variety of topics and their tips and tricks surrounding the gun control idea. The following are some of them. The following is a look at some of them.

  • Consider if violent crime rates have decreased in state which have adopted gun control.
  • These will basically involve looking at a variety of statistics concerning different application of this issue and also how effective it has been. With this information, you can easily come up with an appropriate statement, e.g. how effective gun control measures have been.

  • Consider the gun control effectiveness in the overall number of crimes within a certain area
  • This will basically involve concentrating on an area which has embraced gun control and considering the effectiveness of the measure in relation to the overall crime rates. Gun control can only have meant a change in the use of weapons used to carry out certain crimes. This can mean that there has been no improvement in crime rate due to gun control. The vice versa can also be true

  • Consider a variety of statistics to show the most common murder weapon
  • Despite your findings, you will defiantly have a very powerful thesis statement. In case you find that they are the highly used weapons, then use of gun control measures can be an effective solution, though if you find they are the least used, then gun control may not have a significant change

  • Consider homicide being a function of socioeconomic and cultural factors rather than the use of the gun.
  • This will depend on research done on appropriate platforms. E.g. use of FBI documentations

  • Consider guns being weapons which are neither good or bad, but their use will depend on the one who holds them
  • This will mean gun control has no significant impact on crime rates.

    The above tips should help you come up with an appropriate thesis statement.

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    Second Claim Paragraph


    The debate about gun control is often centered around [choose one: the second amendment/self-defense/crime control/violence.] One example of this can be found in [describe an event, law or fact related to this facet of the gun control debate.]



    Additionally, gun control laws regulate the [choose one: sale/possession/modification/use] of firearms by civilians. This impacts [describe who or what this branch of gun control impacts and how.]



    • The United States has a pervasive gun culture stemming from the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution which states that "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 
    • The United States has the highest per capita and total number of guns in the world. 
    • Gun control is hotly debated because it involves issues of violence as well as issues of personal defense.
    • Those who support stricter gun control laws believe that firearms should be more regulated by governmental entities, while those who support fewer gun control laws believe that such measures take away basic rights and securities. 
    • Those impacted by gun control laws include all citizens who wish to own a personal firearm for self-defense, sport hunting or collecting. 
    • Specific gun control measures include background checks and limitations on types of firearms and ammunition that may be legally purchased by citizens. 


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