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Glory Movie Analysis Essay

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The federal government placed many restrictions and discriminatory actions on the black troops. At the beginning of the Civil War, African Americans were not allowed to serve in the U.S. military. By the summer of 1862 it was clear that additional troops were needed. To meet the need, Congress passed two bills that allowed the participation of black soldiers in the Union Army. The Government established segregated units called The Bureau of Colored Troops. The measure lacked popular support and the U.S. Army did not begin recruiting black soldiers until 1863.
One of the worst forms of discrimination was the pay differential. For example, in the movie in response to unequal pay, Shaw and the black troops of the 54th regiment decided not…show more content…

They said that though blacks should not be enslaved, they should not be equal to the white male. The army was extremely reluctant to commission black officers -- only one hundred gained commissions during the war. For example, Colonel Shaw was white. African American soldiers were also given less supplies and rations. In addition, they received inferior ammunition and weapons and absolutely no medical treatment on or off the battlefield. For example, the soldiers were not given shoes when they asked for them, until Colonel Shaw demanded them for his men. This greatly affected their ability to fight. With less to keep them warm or defend themselves, you are going to have more casualties. Black soldiers served in artillery and infantry and performed all noncombat support functions that sustain an army, digging trenches, hauling supplies, cooking food, tending to the wounded, and providing personal service.
Also, African American soldiers could not surrender under any circumstances. Since the confederate soldiers were so angry at the thought of African American soldiers, they would regularly shoot or enslave African American soldiers who had already surrendered. At the Battle of Fort Pillow, almost one thousand African American soldiers were slaughtered after surrendering to confederate troops.

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