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Sp Jain Application Essays For Texas

Here are the complete details- one must have before starting the application process- for almost all of the world’s most prominent MBA Colleges

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– Application essays to be written in the application process

Intent: Generally, students get to know the list of essays to be written only on initiating the application process on the schools’ portals. Knowing the list of essays beforehand helps not only by providing extra time for brainstorming over the content of the essays but also by giving a reality check about how strong a case can one present to different schools

– Application Deadlines

While this information is generally, easily, available on school’s portal, it helps to have the deadlines (and decision dates) of different schools under one portal, like ours. This helps in planning one’s applications and, sometimes, in shortlisting the schools

– Program Statistics

Knowing the current class profile, average GMAT, average experience, average GPA, tuition fee, gender ratio, % international students etc helps one in ascertaining one’s suitability for the program and in determining one’s chances for selection

– Co-ordinates of the Admissions Office

It helps to have the e-mail IDs and contact numbers of the programs’ Admission Offices. It’s advisable to write to the Admissions Office about any doubt one may have about the programs or the admission process

– Rankings

Good to know where the prominent rankings are placing the schools. However, take the rankings with a pinch of salt

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      Academic year
A. Annual Registration fees160,4802000200020002000
B. Tuition Fees 
(inclusive of two semesters, to be paid semester wise)
896,800 19,50020,50021,500 22,500 
C. Books, course materials, cases, simulations  and Out of classroom activities120,3601,5001,5001,9001,900
D. Visa charges 200950   
E. Insurance charges12,0363003001,1000


Annual Registration Fees: 

1 Students accepting the offer by January 31, 2018 would be given a rebate of USD 1000. The rebate is for the Academic year 2018-19 only 

Mumbai fees are inclusive of GST 

On completion of year 2 in Dubai, the visa would need to be cancelled. The visa charge covers the cancellation charge.

3Australia visa - Students would be personally responsible for obtaining the visa. SP Jain would facilitate and assist with all the documentation. Visa fees would be paid by students as applicable. Students are required to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses towards tuition fees, living, travel and/or any other personal expenses. We Full details on student visas for Australia are available on

Visas for Dubai and Singapore would be processed by S P Jain on receipt of all fees.


**Figures mentioned are indicative for Dubai and Sydney. Actual figures would be billed at the commencement of each year

For Sydney insurance, we are taking the premium for both years upfront as it is mandatory to take the policy for 2 years for the Australian visa 


  1. Registration fees are payable each year along with the first semester fees for the year
  2. Registration fees are taken every year to meet various administrative costs like subscriptions, software, internet, database management, learning management systems, etc. 
  3. The tuition fees are to be paid in 2 installments - 50% per semester
  4. All other fees are to be paid prior to the commencement of the course/academic year
  5. Fees are payable at S P Jain's Dubai campus
  6. All airfares would be borne additionally by students


  Semester 1Semester 2
Last date for payment of all fees6-Aug-183-Dec-18
Interest on payment received after the above mentioned date15% p.a.15% p.a.



  Academic year  


** Housing costs indicated for Sydney are indicative and actual costs would be advised at the commencement of year 3 and 4.

  • It is not mandatory for students to stay on campus in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney but it is highly recommended.
  • If a student wishes to, s/he can make his/her own accommodation arrangement.
  • Housing through S P Jain would be on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Housing fees for the entire year (Academic year 2018-19) are to be paid by August 6, 2018. Fees cannot be paid per semester.
  • Interest at the rate of 15% pa would be charged for payments received after August 6, 2018.
  • Student Housing Fees once paid would not be refunded under any circumstance.
  • Accommodation would be made available 1 day before the start of orientation and 1 day after the end of the academic year.
  • If a student requires housing during the semester/summer break, s/he would have to inform the School in advance and the School would try and accommodate the stay.  
  • There would be an additional cost for stay during the semester/summer break
  • The student housing fees do not include meal costs.