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Slumdog Millionaire Film Analysis Essay

Slumdog Millionaire Analysis

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The film ”Slumdog Millionare” tells a compelling story of an eighteen year old Indian boy from the dirty slums of Mumbai who manages to cash in the main prize of the TV-show ”Who wants to be a millionaire?” Combined with the directing of Danny Boyle and co-direction from Indian Lovleen Tandan, this 2008 movie is a great mash up between Hollywood and Bollywood. The film based on Vikars Swarup’s novel tells a dramatic and romantic story with a twist of humour through a set of very cogent actors.

The protagonist of this movie is eighteen year old “slumdog” Jamal Malik. Taking Jamal’s past in consideration, it’s highly unlikely that an uneducated boy from the Mumbai slums is able to reach the final question of “Who want’s to be a…show more content…

In this context, it’s his quest to find the love of his life, Latika. His love for her sets him out on a life experiencing journey which finally places him in the seat of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” His brother, Salim on the other hand is portrayed as a more dynamic person. In fact he is quite unreliable, he is not an evil person, but his selfishness and hunger for money and control hurts the ones around him, tearing him apart from his own brother and rescinding their connection.

As stated earlier there are flashbacks in this movie, in fact the flashbacks are present throughout the whole movie. The fascinating thing about this though is how cleverly the directors have combined two stories running parallel to each other, making them crash together during the end and creating the present. This leaves the viewer curious how Jamal will answer the final question in an exciting and creative way.

Through clever camera use and light setting, the film has an intriguing feeling to it. There is a lot of shifting between warm colours and dark colours, the latter mostly used in dramatic and scenes shot during the night. The warm colours on the other hand create a feeling of heat which fits perfectly to the setting. Also the music plays a big role in setting the mood of the film. The use of Indian music especially furthers the intriguing feeling. Focusing on camera use, it’s interesting to see the way the directors shot scenes from a

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The film is based simply on the belief that “it is written.” Destiny is the reason that Jamal has found his way into a police station to be tortured with electricity and beaten in order to find out if he is cheating on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? His whole life is described in every answer to Prem’s questions on the show. Jamal is a poor boy from the slums of India. By no means should he have the ability to answer any of these questions as he hasn’t been given a formal education and has had to survive his entire life. And in a country that for centuries has been divided by class with extreme poverty, the opportunity to make oneself rich is a fantasy. And for many more it isn’t even a thought.

Jamal has always lived his life with the belief that his life is destined. We see this in his relationship with Latika. She is left behind by Salim when they escape and for years he cannot stop thinking of her. He even finds her after years apart. But once Jamal is over the hurdle of finding her he must come face to face with Salim, his brother who betrays him by sleeping with Latika and running off away from Jamal. And everything that happens becomes part of Jamal’s destiny which is less about winning money than it is about gaining back the love of his life. The show is merely a catalyst for him to be able to once again find Latika, and this time never let her go.